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Mr Sthandiwe Mkhize

Mr Sthandiwe Mkhize


  • Mkhize is a Chairman / CEO of Thinking Pair Group & Founder of Annual Tourism Week
  • In 2019 he founded Sthandiwe Mkhize Advisory, a specialist advisory unit of the group
  • He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management (DUT)
  • Mkhize is a Market Access Strategist & Transaction Advisor
  • In 2022 Mkhize co-authored and Presented a Paper at a Nepal Sustainable Tourism Conference titled “Local Campaign Effect On Tourism Supply Chain During The Times Of Covid-19”

Key Milestones in His Business Career

  • Designed and led International Market Access programmes to Europe, Asia, Middle-East
  • Developed and implemented numerous capacity building programmes for the SME sector
  • Currently implements Basic Quality Verification programme on behalf of South African Tourism
  • Undertaken research projects such as Intra-African Market Study, Data Analysis for Buy Local Campaigns, Integrated Cruise Framework, Informal Economy Review, and many more
  • Mkhize is a passionate corporate governance advisor having served in some organizations such as Durban Chamber of Commerce Council, eThekwini Economic Council, and others